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Stop Dreaming and Start Building

Idea lightbulb

I bet you have some great ideas. Ingenious ideas. Ideas that could make you incredibly rich. You've probably dreamt of the wealth and fame your ideas could bring you.

Here is the painful truth: It doesn't matter.

Everyone has (or at least thinks they have) great ideas. Ideas for books, inventions, websites, services, ...anything. But how many people actually have the courage and motivation to make those ideas a reality? To learn about book publishing and spend months perfecting a bestseller? To design, build, test, and patent a product? The answer, of course, is very few. That's because it's hard to do something original. It's hard to pour your time and sweat into something that might not succeed. But, it's the only path forward. The only way to achieve your dreams is to take action. Deliberate, faithful action.

Start Now

The time for action is now. Don't placate yourself with your dreams for another week. That becomes a habit. Stop finding excuses. Start educating yourself. Start building real assets.

In congruence, here is a wonderful quote from Ze Frank's New Year's resolutions:

"I promise not to keep ideas in my head, unfulfilled and full of promise - not to let these vague outlines of future actions give me false confidence and security in the abstract. Instead I will execute them quickly and faithfully so that I am again on the brink of the unknown, hoping that these ideas were not the last that would ever come to me from God knows where."